Compact Expansion Box PCIe Slot to 4 x PCI Slots



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Compact Expansion Box PCIe Slot to 4 x PCI Slots


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Abmessung206 x 137 x 143 mm


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The EX-1010 PCI Express to Quad PCI Slots Expansion Box is specially designed to expand 4 extra PCI slots from a PCI Express Slot. It includes a PCIe adapter card, a cable and the slot box itself. The box is powered by a 12VDC AC adapter. It provides instant PCI bus expansion via the PCI Express Bus (PCIe) from the Motherboard. Attention!! The maximum power consumption per PCI slot is limited to 200mA.

  • Expands 4 PCI 32-bit 33MHZ Slots over PCI Express Slot
  • Supports both 5V and 3.3V Add-in Cards
  • Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base, PCI Slots are fully Compliant PCI Bus Rev. 2.3, Specifications, Revision 1.0a
  • PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting, Capability Including ECRC Support
  • Metal Case for Critical Applications
  • Extended Virtual Channel (VC) Support, Includes a Second VC for Quality-of- Service and Active State Link Power Management Support, Wake Event and Beacon Support
  • Low Profile bracket with a maximum high of 8cm will included in the package
  • 12VDC AC Power Adapter is Required
  • Chip-Set: Texas Instruments XIO2000A


TreiberVom OS zur Verfügung gestellt (Standard PCIe Brücke)
BetriebssystemGemäss Treiber
LieferumfangEX-1010, PCIe Adapter Karte, LP Bügel, 70cm Kabel, Netzteil 12V/3A, Handbuch

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