PCIe Dual FireWire 1394A card with 2 ports (TI)



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PCIe Dual FireWire 1394A card with 2 ports (TI)


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The EX-16512E Dual PCI Express FireWire 1394A+B (FireWire800/400) card provides a relia-ble solution for PC computers to connect to IEEE1394b (FireWire800) and 1394a (FireWire400) peripherals. The EX-16512E improves throughput and increased bandwidth make it ideal for today’s high-end PCs and open the door for the development of RAID– and S-ATA-based peripherals. The EX-16512E supports up to 63 IEEE 1394b FireWire800 and IEEE 1394a FireWire400 devices, including digital video camcorders and high-resolution colour printers. The EX-16512E provides a true high performance I/O solution for users are demanding the IEE-E1394A+B consumer and professional devices.

  • Support Dual Ports, for each port a separate chip-set for maximum data transfer
  • Support up to 63 device
  • Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base Specifications, Revision 1.0a
  • Speed up software will be included
  • “Hot swapping” to connect/disconnect devices without turning off the computer
  • Can install to existing FireWire ports from the Motherboard
  • Chip-Set: Texas Instrument


TreiberVom OS zur Verfügung gestellt
BetriebssystemWin2000/XP/Vista/Server(2000, 2003&2008)/Win7, 8.x, 10
LieferumfangEX-16512E, Handbuch

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