1-to-4 Expander from 1 x SATA 3/2 up to 4 x SATA 3/2



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1-to-4 Expander from 1 x SATA 3/2 up to 4 x SATA 3/2


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The EX-3466-2 1-to-4 SATA 3 and 2 Switch is designed to provide a high performance link between a single SATA 3 host port and up to 4 SATA 3 or 2 devices ports. It connects the host upstream port to up to four of the 4 downstream SATA 3 or 2 devices (expand 1 port into 4 ports that can be used at the same time). It is done by simply pressing the push button switch. It powers the active devices and cut off the powers of the inactive devices. This will reduce the power consumption and make sure those devices are true off line to prevent from any accidental erasing data by virus or application software. The EX-3466-2 provides a keylock switch to prevent from any unauthor-ized changing the settings. It helps home of school users to manage the devices easily. !! ATTENTION !! The switching of hard disk during the operation, work only when the Mother-board include Chip-Set what support “Hot Plug and Play” for example Silicon Image 3132. With our controller EX-3517 the SATA 3 switch works fine.

  • Expansion-Switch with 1 Upstream up to 4 Downstream SATA 3 abd 2 ports
  • Support hard drives up to 6TB
  • 3.5 or 5.25-inch Bay Form Factor, Easy to Fit in Normal PC Systems
  • Built-in High Speed SATA 2 Signal Switch
  • Save the Current Settings by Built-in EEPROM
  • Keylock to Prevent from Unauthorized Changing
  • Provides LEDs to Indicate all Active Drive
  • Completed cable set for 4 SATA 3 drives will be included


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LieferumfangEX-3466-2, 4 x SATA Kabelsatz, 5,25“ Rahmen, Handbuch

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