USB 3.1 (Gen1/2) Type-C to Type-A adapter with USB Power Delivery (PD)



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USB 3.1 (Gen1/2) Type-C to Type-A adapter with USB Power Delivery (PD)


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The original design idea for this product is to convert an existed non-PD USB device to a PD device which can charge its upstream host device such as a tablet PC, a Notebook PC. Some tablet PCs which are used for the applications that need to be always charged and works with its downstream devices simultaneously. The EX-1460 does NOT need a native PD power supply, it only needs standard power supply, a 19V for Notebook, for instance. Considering the 19V power supplies in the current market have their different proprietary DC jack connectors, the EX-1460 provide another power input connector, the terminal blocks. In that case, the user can simply cut the power supply’s DC Jack and insert both wires into the EX-1460 terminal blocks. In fact, the 2-pin terminal blocks are reverse-voltage protected. The EX-1460 is an ideal product to turn the tons of 18~19V power supplies in the market to a universal USB-PD power supplies and still provides its downstream USB data lines for USB devices.

  • Compliant with USB 3.1 (Gen1) and USB 3.1 (Gen2)
  • One Type-C connector supports Dual Role Host
  • One Type-A USB 3.1 Gen1/2 connector for Devices
  • Supports USB PD (Power Delivery), can work as a Source or Sink (Negotiate Automatically)
  • Supports Type-C and Type-A Screw Lock Cables
  • DC Power Input: 18~20V DC, from DC-Jack or Terminal Block
  • Support four default source PDOs: 20V/5A, 14.5V/3A, 12V/3A and 5V/3A
  • Fast charging the Host while Operating
  • Detachable Mounting Kit for Wall or DIN-Rail Mounting Applications


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LieferumfangEX-1460, Netzteil 19V/2.64A, USB C-zu-C Kabel, Wandmontage-Kit, Handbuch

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